INVEST IN BEST cryptotraders

Social cryptotrading platform that allows investors to mirror the real trades of successful traders
The platform does not have access to user funds
The service is absolutely free for traders
API integration Traders add to the platform their trading accounts from popular exchanges using API keys
Traders rating The platform ranks all traders in terms of profit, risk, capital, exchanges
Copytrade & Signals Investors choose traders and their strategies, set up a follow-up or subscribe to trading signals

For Investors Follow the top traders

Binam is a cryptocurrency investment management platform that allows private investors to copy the real deals of successful professional traders.

  • Copytrade An investor can choose one or several traders and set up the automatic copying of their transactions on their account.
  • Trading signals An investor can subscribe to trading signals (transactions), analytics of the traders they like and make decisions on their own
  • Investment portfolio Track the overall dynamics of all your accounts on different exchanges in one account, convenient risk management for companies with full-time traders

For traders Second income for traders

Earnings on subscribers

Trader, trading on his account, can receive additional income - set the price of a follow-up or subscription to the trading signals of his strategy.


Trader can not participate in the overall rating, but keep closed statistics, provide access to the portfolio only to potential investors and employers by direct link

Simple functional interface

Choose a simple functional way to reflect the interface by changing the theme to light or dark.

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